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Performance Max for Lead Generation: Solving the 3 Main Problems

While we’re seeing great results on Performance Max campaigns for eCommerce, Performance Max for lead generation on the other hand seems to be a bit tricky.

If you’re also having some difficulty scaling your Performance Max campaigns for lead generation, here are the three main problems while running so and how to fix them.


The secret to lessen heavy bot traffic in your lead forms

How to know which audience signals or asset groups are working

No videos? No problem!

Looking for a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up Performance Max for lead generation campaigns? Check out this guide.

The secret to lessen heavy bot traffic in your lead forms

You want to get high-quality leads and conversions, but all you’re getting from your Performance Max campaign is fraudulent traffic?

We’ve experienced how frustrating that is and it’s actually the most common problem advertisers face when running Performance Max for lead generation.

Performance Max for lead generation - The secret to lessen heavy bot traffic(1)

When running lead generation through Performance Max, it’s going to get spammed heavily mainly because of its reach on YouTube.

YouTube is a social media platform and that makes it a target platform for click farms.

It’s because many YouTubers are hiring click farms to grow their engagement with the ultimate goal of larger channel monetization.

They’re difficult to block because behind click farms are actual people, not bots.

But since they’re using autofill, the solution is to make your forms difficult to complete with at least fifteen fields to fill per form

Answer additional questions aside from the easy to autofill questions like the email address and phone number.

As a result, the spam level should be either eliminated or extremely reduced.

How to know which audience signals or asset groups are working

For lead generation, if you want to see how each audience signal or asset is performing for better control and budgeting, don’t separate them into asset groups, separate them into campaigns.

This is the only way to segment because, for lead gen, you don’t have the Listing Groups tab that shows how each asset group is performing individually (you can learn more about listing groups in our blog here).

But that’s okay, segmentation isn’t that important in Performance Max for lead generation anyway.

Because regardless of what you do, Google will blend all your audience signals and find the best-performing audience in all of those asset groups and sales combined. 

Remember, audience signals are just mere suggestions for Google, it’s still up to Google if it will follow your signals or not.

Don’t consider the blending of your audiences a bad thing because what you’re doing is giving Google a big bank of signals. 

And each signal that you add is just widening and deepening that bank of availability. 

Because of the blending of audiences, we can imagine it as a growing Venn diagram for your signals. 

For example, if you have one audience signal and now Google found 1000 people with that signal.

Then you added another audience signal and now you have 1200 people total. 

Google will blend all the same audiences, creating the overlap in the Venn Diagram, and will identify the new ones. 

Performance Max for Lead Generation - audience signals overlap(1)

So each time you add an asset group and a signal, all you’re doing is asking Google:

“Is there an overlap between everything that I have now and did you find anything new?”

To know if Google found new audiences for you, check your Insights tab weekly or monthly. 

The Insights Tab is a new tab in Google Ads that gives you an overview of the audiences and themes that are relevant to your products or services.

Read more about how you can use the Insights tab to optimize your PMax campaigns here.

No videos? No problem! 

If you don’t have a video creative for marketing, Google will automatically create one for you.

While we don’t always recommend it, we actually have proof that Google’s videos perform well!

For one of our clients, the video ads made by Google generated an ad view rate of 60%.

That’s already impressive, plus, this was the time when the average YouTube ad view rate was 31.9%. Thanks, Google! 

If you don’t want to take your chances with Google’s video editing skills, you can easily create your video ads inside your Asset Library using the Google Video Creator.

Performance Max for lead generation- Google video creator

If you want to know more about running effective PMax campaigns, you can read our Performance Max ultimate guide here. It gives you everything you need to know about how to set up, build and optimize your Google Ads Performance Max campaigns.

And if you have more questions regarding Performance Max for lead generation or anything about Google Ads, you can ask Kasim, John, and our Strategists directly during the Weekly Live Q&A To Scale Your Business with Google Ads.

Catch them every Friday at 1 PM PST as they answer everything you want to know about Google Ads – strategies, secrets, guides, and so much more!


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