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The Secrets to Starting a Successful YouTube Channel With Uzair Kharawala

Do you want to learn how to start a successful YouTube channel or grow your channel even faster? 

When it comes to figuring out the secrets to starting a successful YouTube channel, Uzair Kharawala is your man. 

He is a YouTube Certified Professional and has almost 20,000 subscribers on his channel, and he is the Godfather of the Solutions 8 YouTube channel himself.

If you want to better your chances of having a successful YouTube channel on this ever-changing platform, then this article will show you the secrets behind doing that.


Choose a niche-specific topic for your channel

Your first videos would suck

Create content regularly

Read, research, and be prepared!

Don’t just stop on YouTube, repurpose your content

Choose a niche-specific topic for your channel

Think about why you want to start a channel and what kind of content you want to create. 

This can be anything that interests you or anything that you are already an expert at and that others may want to learn about. 

From there, you can define your audience and work on creating content that attracts that type of viewer.

The more niche-specific your content is, the better.

Not only does it help drive engagement with your videos, but it also makes it easier for your target audience to find them.

If you think about it, Google’s algorithm rewards websites and YouTube channels that have relevant content in their niche. 

That’s because they’re providing value to users who are searching for that topic in particular.

For Uzair Kharawala, he started his YouTube channel, SF Digital Studios because he always wanted to reach the right audience.

He chose to start a channel about Google Ads because he was already interested and confident in the topic.

So choose the topic you believe you can help other people in, stop overthinking, just believe in yourself, and start your YouTube channel!

Your first videos would suck

You read that right!

Your first videos would suck and that’s normal.

Everyone doesn’t start out as an expert so it’s okay to start small.

And if you’re worried about the trolls, that’s normal, too. Everyone gets them, so don’t let them bring you down and continue building your brand.

You don’t believe it? That’s coming from someone who now has 19.5K subscribers and counting as we speak!

Uzair shared that when he was just starting his YouTube channel, he accidentally set the contrast and color balance incorrectly on his camera during one of his video recording sessions. 

When he reviewed the video after filming himself, he discovered that the mistakes made him appear orange.

Do you think he did a reshoot?

Nope! He proceeded to upload it, and it’s actually one of his most viewed videos.

And it’s also valuable to note that Uzair Kharawala is not only the co-founder of SF Digital Studios, he is also a YouTube certified professional.

This means that he is a recognized authority on the YouTube platform – may it be content ownership, asset monetization, channel growth, and content strategy, you name it! 

His deep understanding of YouTube’s algorithm helps their clients at SF Digital Studios maximize their reach on the platform through organic and paid marketing strategies.

Create content regularly

Creating content regularly is important for your audience. 

You want to show up in their newsfeeds and be on top of the SERPs when they’re searching for a related topic, product, or service to that of yours.

Uzair challenged himself to shoot a video every day for 90 days and look at him now!

Aside from his successful YouTube channel and business, he now offers his expertise through his ultimate video marketing course.

It aims to help YouTubers who are just starting out go from 0 to 1,000 subscribers and beyond in 90 days. 

The course guides people in learning cutting-edge video marketing tips for more views, how to grow their YouTube audience, increase engagement, and watch time and rankings on Google and YouTube to generate more leads & sales.

Consistency is what separates successful YouTube channels from the rest. 

And when you make a commitment like that, it forces you to come up with ideas and motivates you to keep going when you hit roadblocks.

Uzair’s 90-day challenge and course inspired the Solutions 8 YouTube channel where we publish a video every single day to help digital advertisers scale their business with Google Ads.

Successful YouTube Channel

Read, research, and be prepared!

Starting a YouTube channel doesn’t mean you should start with all the expensive cameras, studio equipment, and other tools.

Your phone, a microphone for quality audio, and good lighting would be enough.

The most important thing is to focus on creating content that your audience will find valuable. 

That’s why you should always spend time doing thorough research about the topic you want to talk about, and don’t just copy what everyone else is doing.

You don’t have to know everything but you have to be prepared.

People want to learn from an honest and reliable source.

And if you focus more on the value of your content than the quality of your equipment, then there will be no reason why people won’t want to watch.

But even with all the preparation, if you miss something out or made a mistake on your published YouTube video, that’s normal as well.

Don’t delete the video, you don’t have to!

Uzair himself had his fair share of mistakes published on YouTube and if someone points one out, he owns his mistakes.

In his experience, the situation starts a conversation and opens a room for him to learn from his subscribers, too, not just the other way around.

So if you make a mistake, just be honest about it and start a conversation!

Don’t just stop on YouTube, repurpose your content

You can always use your existing content to your advantage – that includes your YouTube videos. 

Repurposing content from other platforms is a great way to build your presence on the internet without spending too much time.

If you have social media accounts or podcasts, you can promote your YouTube channel on those platforms.

We follow Uzair’s advice and we repurpose our YouTube content on Solutions 8 through the following:

  • Posting our YouTube videos on our social media channels like Twitter, @solutions_8
Solutions 8 Twitter
  • Writing blogs based on our YouTube videos and posting it on our Blogs page, just like this one that you’re reading now
Solutions 8 Blogs
  • Posting snippets of our YouTube videos on our Google Ads Podcast for those who want to listen to Google Ads news while they’re on the go:
Google Ads Podcast

These will help boost your online presence and can help prospects and other connections find you easier. 

By repurposing content, the impact on Uzair’s business is phenomenal – it elevated his rank on Google’s SERPs and other marketing platforms: Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even Facebook! 

It led to more clients, more revenue, and most importantly, deeper trust and connection.


It’s important to understand that building a channel on YouTube is a lot like building anything else online. 

You have to start, and the only way to do that is to begin with courage and a small idea

It will grow into something big, with more knowledge and effort, and you have to be ready for all the challenges that come your way. 

Just be sure you’re doing something worth watching and offering value to your audience on your YouTube channel. It will help you gain the confidence of those who really matter.

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