The “Win-Back” Email Campaign (When it’s OK to Give Up a Little Dignity)

Sometimes, no matter how many cartwheels you’ve turned, no matter how many marketing techniques you’ve expertly executed, no matter how many times you’ve delivered on your promises, it just isn’t […]

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Why We Use a Living Plan

Our boss has an old adage taped above his desk that reads, “That which is measured, is managed.” And lucky for us, the fact that he applies the logic behind […]

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When Your Email’s Not from the Wrong Side of the Tracks

But Your ISP’s Treating It That Way

Spam. They might love it in Hawaii, but ISPs (internet service providers) hate it with a white-hot passion. And that’s understandable, since not even […]

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Solutions 8 Email Marketing Flowchart Steps*

When a potential client opts-in to a lead magnet by providing us with their email address, an automatic five-email indoctrination campaign is immediately triggered. The campaign’s purpose is to introduce […]

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What is Influencer Marketing?

What do Taylor Swift, Michael Jordan, Jennifer Garner, and this dude named Markiplier have in common?

They are all Influencers.
Who the Heck is Markiplier?
Nike used Michael Jordan to influence people to […]

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What makes Solutions 8 amazing?

But Wait, There’s More . . .
We’d be remiss if we didn’t clue you in on a few more of Solutions 8’s most prized accomplishments:

Primary provider for a […]

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Top of the Funnel Content

I’ve talked a lot about knowing your audience when it comes to content marketing; but this means more than understanding who your avatar is—it’s also about where each individual prospect […]

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Five Steps to Digital Marketing: Step Four – Traffic Builder

Five Steps to Digital Marketing: Table of Contents
Step One -Business Builder: “Your company’s spirit is much like any person’s. Spirit is about who you are, what you believe, what your goals […]

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What is Exit-Intent software?

We’ve all experienced it, that semi-infuriating little box of disappointment that pops up when you try to leave a page. “Are you sure you don’t want what I just showed […]

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An honest review of Hot Jar

Do you have a website? You need to use Hot Jar .

No, I’m not a Hot Jar affiliate. They didn’t give us the tool to use in exchange for a review […]

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