The Weekly 8 That Rate: Content Advice, Shameless Self-Promotion, and SEO Secrets for Days

Hey Everyone,

Today I’m serving up content advice, shameless self-promotion, topics to inspire and where to go for the Texas-sized helpings of SEO.



1. 1000 lb. Sentence: “Before you build any more “great […]

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The Weekly 8 That Rate: Digital Marketing Fundamentals, the Power of Superior Content and Influencer Marketing No-Nos

Hey Everyone!

Today we’re covering digital marketing fundamentals, the power of superior content and a few influencer marketing no-nos, as well as taking time to pay tribute to one of our […]

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The Weekly 8 That Rate: Facebook Ads, Building Relationships Through Content, and a Word on WordPress

Hi everyone,

I got to hear something really special this week, so I decided to forgo my usual video and treat you to a truly sublime way to start your day. […]

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Bing and Yahoo: Two Stones Marketers Shouldn’t Leave Unturned

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What Medical Device Companies Need to Know About Incomplete Social Media Marketing Guidelines

When social media was just getting started a little over a decade ago, it seemed prudent for the FDA to withhold any real decision making on marketing and communication guidelines […]

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Tell It to Me Straight: What Is Digital Marketing?

For those of us who work in the wild world of digital marketing, we don’t think twice about the buzzwords and abstract terms we throw around.


Lead generation.



To the average, sane […]

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The Two Best Plugins to Enhance Your WordPress SEO

We have nothing but great things to say about WordPress, but even the best platforms need continuous SEO support. Luckily, the wonderful world of WordPress plugins comes to the rescue […]

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SEO-Boosting Content Ideas for 2017

Great SEO depends upon more than killer keywords, links and titles; more and more, it’s all about the content. Search engines, like readers, crave relevancy, quality and engagement, so in […]

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5 Easy Tools to Create an Infographic in 30 Minutes or Less

Infographics are an excellent way to market your business. Why? Because visual content can be absorbed 60,000 times faster than written content. If you have an important message you want […]

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Solutions 8 Facebook Pixel Helper: Eliminate Exasperation (Easily + Economically)

How does this grab you: for the modest price of just $100.00 (plus $10 per page and $5 per custom parameter), Facebook Pixel Helper will install those perplexing pixels so […]

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