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Discover How Button and Bean Achieved Over a 500% MER Using Google Ads

This company sells personalized jewelry that is much more than just something you wear—it can be a way to tell your story, honor the people in your life, and celebrate your favorite moments.

With a passion for making cherished moments unforgettable with jewelry, they offer a curated range of meaningful jewelry from bracelets and pendants for Mums to cuff-links for Dads and key rings and pet prints jewelry for any member of the family.

This case study will show how StarterPPC (now managed by Solutions 8) evaluated and optimized their ad campaigns and helped them scale and increase their revenue through Google ads.

Case Study Metrics​

Date Range: July 2023–January 2024

Geographic Location Of The Company: UK


Total Ad Spend


Total Google Ads Attributed Revenue


Media Efficiency Ratio (MER)


Increase in Conversions


Average Cost Per Order

The Challenge

The client sought to set up profitable Google Ads campaigns and then further scale them without shrinking their profits. However, they encountered several challenges along the way:

  • Difficulty in profitably scaling the Google Ads campaign(s)


  • Lack of knowledge and time hindered the effectiveness of their advertising efforts


  • Uncertainty about unlocking acquisition with Search and Performance Max campaigns

The Solution​

As soon as we identified the challenges, our team engaged in constructing and executing data-driven strategies for the client. Apart from conducting daily evaluations of campaigns and products, we also:

  • Tested various audience signals for the Performance Max campaign to achieve their goals


  • Organized and strung bottom-of-funnel keywords in their Inbound  Search campaign for better targeting

  • Leveraged seasonal and promotional offers to attract potential customers and boost conversion rates

  • Created Remarketing campaigns to retarget website visitors with personalized ads featuring compelling offers and promotional assets

  • Optimized Standard Shopping campaign to boost new customer rate

The Results​

Our performance and technical prowess truly impressed the client. After we started managing their campaigns, the account was able to grow consistently. Within 7 months, they have:

  • Achieved an impressive return on ad spend (ROAS) of over 400% within Google Ads


  • Witnessed a 700%+ increase in sales from the Performance Max campaign


  • Reached over 5x MER and still growing
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Tracy Gray

Button and Bean Ltd

"I am extremely pleased with the exceptional service provided by StarterPPC. They went above and beyond to understand my business and its products, ensuring a targeted approach for the best Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

What sets them apart is their commitment to client communication. They are always responsive, addressing my queries promptly and providing valuable insights. Special mention to both Garima and Valentina. The team’s proactive approach and strategic planning for special occasions have consistently yielded outstanding results.

I highly recommend StarterPPC to anyone seeking a dedicated and knowledgeable partner for their advertising needs. Thank you for your outstanding support!"


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