Partner with Us

We’d make a pretty great team, don’t you think?
Whether you’re a Solutions 8 client or a fellow agency in our marketing ecosystem, we offer two partnership options to help brilliant businesses connect with the customers who need them (using Google Ads).

White Label Program
Referral Program

We like to think of these programs as an investment in each other.
Symbiosis in action. Here’s how it looks:

White Label Partnership Program

You resell our Google Ads services under your agency name. We handle the rest — completely discreet from your clients. 

Referral Partner Program

Client Referral Program 

You, our beloved client, refer a new client to us.
We pay you money.

Agency Referral Program 

You, our agency ally, refer three new clients to us.
We pay you money. 

Referral Partnership

Two referral options, one fruitful relationship.

Sure, we love referrals. What could mean more to us than your praise? 

But we like to think of this as a win-win-win situation. See, when you send new clients our way (whether you’re a fellow agency or a Solutions 8 client), you’re giving a worthy business owner a chance to grow using our Google Ads mastery.

Oh, and you get paid for referrals who become our clients.  

Are You a Solutions 8 Client?

Here’s how our client referral program works: 
#1 You Make an Introduction
If you’re a Solutions 8 client, all you have to do is send an email introducing us to a new, prospective client. We’ll make a note in our database that you made the referral.  
#2 You Get Paid
Once your referral signs on as a Solutions 8 client, you’ll receive a 10% commission of their monthly payments for the first twelve months. When they pay, you get paid.

Are You an Agency?

Here’s how our agency referral program works: 
#1 Make Three Introductions
If you’re an agency with clients and leads who could use Google Ads services, send ‘em our way! All you have to do is introduce us to (at least) three prospective clients. We’ll make a note in our database that you made the referrals.  
#2 Get Paid
Once (at least) three of your referrals sign on as a Solutions 8 client, you’ll receive 10% commission of their monthly payments for the first twelve months. When they pay, you get paid.

Referral Partnership:
The Details

• Agency referral partners must refer three clients to qualify
• All partners receive 10% commission of each new, referred client’s monthly bill
• All partner payouts occur after the new, referred client’s third month of billing 
Initial payment will be for the first three months
• Partners will be paid via PayPal every month
• Partner commission ends after twelve months of the new, referred client’s billing

Who Makes a Perfect Partner?

• Clients who love what we do (we love you, too!)
• Traditional, non-digital advertising agencies
• SEO and content marketing agencies
• PR agencies 
• Brand development agencies
• App development agencies
• eCommerce agencies
• Digital marketing consultants and strategists
• Web design firms
• Web hosting companies 
Because We Know Your Word Means Something:

What New Clients Get with Our Services

We don’t take your partnership lightly. That’s why you can feel (really) good about referring or offering our services. Here’s what each new client account receives:  
COMPETITOR & market analysis
ACCOUNT Structure/Restructure
DEVELOPMENT of ad copy
SPLIT testing schedule
CAMPAIGN creation
DETAILED Monthly Reporting
ONGOING campaign optimization
CALL Tracking 
CRO strategy & consulting
DEDICATED Account Manager
GOAL conversion tracking
PPC Keyword Research
PERFORMANCE management
DYNAMIC Key Phrase Insertion
ADVANCED Bid Management

So go ahead, reach out to us today and let's chat!