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Valentina’s Journey From Country Roots to Global Footprints

In the whirlwind world of digital marketing, Valentina is something of a rock star at Solutions 8. From the buzzing streets of San Francisco to the vibrant heart of Colombia, she’s been riding a wave of change, growth, and that ever-elusive work-life balance that we’re all chasing.

Valentina’s Adventure with Solutions 8 Takes Flight

valentina standing on a rocky edge

Valentina’s adventure with Solutions 8 kicked off just as she was hitting the reset button on her life, heading back to Colombia. Looking for a gig that ticked all her boxes—remote, U.S.-based, and with that sweet balance between work and play—Solutions 8 just clicked. Starting out keeping clients in the fold as a Client Retention Specialist (she made it harder for them to cancel!), she quickly shifted gears to managing accounts for StarterPPC as a Client Manager. She has since transitioned to Account Manager, where she connects with clients face to face and expertly crafts and manages their campaigns.

The Heart of the Matter

At the core of Valentina’s day-to-day is the electric vibe at Solutions 8. It’s all about teamwork and lifting each other. 

“The best part about my job is probably the amazing work environment of the overall company; everyone is always nice and willing to help.”

The freedom to work from literally anywhere hasn’t just spiced up her work life; it’s painted her personal life with strokes from all over the globe. What gets her going is tuning into what clients need and guiding them to victory.

Tackling the Challenges Head-On

Diving into the nitty-gritty of what makes her role at Solutions 8 a thrilling ride, Valentina opens up about the hurdles that come with the territory. 

“Every business is different, and every account brings its challenges. My job requires me to learn and understand different industries, some of which I had never heard of before, in order to plan and make decisions on what’s best for their account.” 

Every client is a new adventure, a puzzle to solve. Diving into industries she’d never dreamed of exploring is both the challenge and the thrill, sparking growth and fresh ideas at every turn.

valentina standing on a rocky ledge

What Makes Valentina, Valentina

It’s her practicality, her level-headedness, and that warm vibe she brings to the table, especially when the going gets tough. These aren’t just personal traits; they’re her professional superpowers, making every client conversation smooth.

Valentina’s Sweet Side

Valentina once dreamed of winning hearts with her baking. And while her career path took a different route, her baking game is still strong, enchanting friends with some killer brownies. 

Hey Valentina, could you send some our way, too?!

Kick-starting the Day

Her mornings? A mix of zen and energy, with a side of reading, meditation, yoga, or pilates, not to mention staying hydrated. Her secret weapon for staying sharp? 

“Also, deleting the IG app from my phone during the weekdays helps a lot to stay productive.”

Honestly, I think everyone needs to adopt this secret weapon. Doom scrolling is no joke.

Embracing the Depths

valentina sitting on thr edge of a cliff overlooking the sea

This year marked a monumental leap for Valentina as she ventured into the realm of scuba diving—a challenge that nudged her far beyond the edges of her comfort zone. For someone who harbors a tangible apprehension of the ocean’s vastness, the very thought of relying on a breathing apparatus beneath the waves was a daunting prospect, stirring a whirlwind of anxiety. 

But with that also came a profound lesson, “It took me out of my comfort zone and taught me the importance of letting go of control, surrendering, and enjoying.”

Where Heart Meets Flavor

Valentina’s heart belongs to two places: Medellin, her vibrant birthplace, and San Francisco, where she found her stride. In Medellin, she raves about the lush tropical fruits and the iconic “bandeja paisa” everyone must try. Across the miles in San Francisco, the irresistible croissants from Arsicault Bakery & Mission Style Burritos capture the essence of the city for her. For Valentina, it’s all about savoring the flavors of both homes.

Country Roots and Furry Companions

Valentina’s childhood unfolded in the tranquility of a country house, with just her parents for company. Without siblings, her home was filled with the joy of pets, from Ronny to Conga, Lolita, Nano, and Emma the cat. Though her adventures have taken her far, her heart remains tied to these furry family members, who stay with her parents, eagerly awaiting her return visits.

Valentina sitting on a yellow jeep surrounded by mountains

Wanderlust Galore

Her travel diary is a patchwork of stunning spots, from the historical charm of Antigua, Guatemala, to the tranquil shores of Lake Tahoe, California. Each destination holds a story close to her heart.

In the bustling universe of Solutions 8, Valentina shines bright, embodying growth, adaptability, and the sheer joy of life’s colorful journey. Her path, dotted with professional wins and personal escapades, continues to inspire, making her a true gem in the Solutions 8 family.


Ashleigh is a Content Writer at Solutions 8. When she isn’t writing, you can find her in the Alps sipping the finest wine, walking in the mountains, or admiring the crystal blue waters of the river flowing near her home. She’s an avid Pokemon card collector and a massive fan of anything that screams ’90s nostalgia.

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