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Your Last Chance to Learn About Effective Email Promotions!!!

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The Crowdsourced Post: Create an Irresistible, Engaging Blog…Without Writing a Thing (Almost)

I get it.

You’re not “lazy,” but…you aren’t in the writing mood. You’re busy. You don’t need to defend yourself to me.

While I’m always in the mood to do some writing […]

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Save Time, Reduce Monotony, and Improve Work Flow – With One Chrome Extension

So, let’s pretend you have six open tabs on Google Chrome – and you need to send these six URLs to your boss. Normally, you would individually copy each tab’s […]

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Medical Equipment Manufacturers: Your Content Isn’t Cutting It

So, let’s be real for a second.

In the medical device manufacturing and distributing field, it’s pretty easy to post the bare minimum on your website and social channels and hope […]

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Medical Device Manufacturers- Don’t Try Social Media Without Reading This First

Sure, there are some risks that come with running campaigns on social media platforms. And this can be, even more risky if you are a medical device manufacturer.

The FDA does […]

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Say Goodbye to Facebook Custom Audiences

And say hello to Facebook’s Engaged Audience!

Facebook recently announced their new way to pixel and retarget people who engage with your Facebook Ads and business page called “Engagement on Facebook”

An […]

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Building Your Brainy, Brawny Digital Marketing Strategy in Five Steps

What’s different about a Solutions 8 customized digital marketing approach? Well, besides the tremendous level of expertise, comprehensive know how and unrivaled client care, the major difference is we believe […]

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Like Ducks, Your Email Sales Promotions Should Be in a Row

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Can Bad Writers Make Great Blogs?

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Your Mom Will Hate This Advice

…But if You’re a Content Marketer, You’re Gonna Need It.

Look, you can’t always be a creative genius

Sometimes, content marketers run out of fresh ideas for their blogs. It’s okay.

I’m going […]

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