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Delayed Attributions and How It Impacts Your Reporting in Google Ads

Perhaps Yoda said it best: “Patience, you must have.” Sure, he was referring to Jedi training and not paid ad campaigns, but hear us out. This blog is for anyone who has ever taken a look at their Google Ads campaign numbers and thought, “Hey, last week looked good. Why not this week? Why is […]

Responsive Ads: Why SKAGs Are Now Irrelevant

When it comes to Google Ads, strategies come and go. For a long time (and still today), many PPC advertisers utilized a strategy called single keyword ad groups — also called SKAGs, because we’re acronym-addicts. This campaign-building strategy supposedly ensured that the ads were super-duper relevant to a user, according to their search query. But […]

A Guide to PPC for Manufacturing Companies

  From assembly to machining, leaders in the manufacturing industry are looking to optimize performance, implement agile methodologies like LEAN and Six Sigma, and increase efficiency in every step of the production process. The majority of these manufacturers are not focusing on PPC, marketing, producing quality content or optimizing keywords — but they should be. […]
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