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PPC Management Alone is Not Enough

Running paid ads is hard.  The Google AdWord’s dashboard looks like something that can get you to space.  Facebook’s ad management tool has more cyclical logic than than a politician on a ferris wheel. YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest . . . all of them carry levels of complexity that might warrant an advanced degree. And the […]

Responsive Ads: Why SKAGs Are Now Irrelevant

When it comes to Google Ads, strategies come and go. For a long time (and still today), many PPC advertisers utilized a strategy called single keyword ad groups — also called SKAGs, because we’re acronym-addicts. This campaign-building strategy supposedly ensured that the ads were super-duper relevant to a user, according to their search query. But […]

PPC Audience Targeting: Why Does Your Business Need It?

To make the most out of paid advertisements, focus on PPC audience targeting. This marketing technique for small businesses will help ads reach the right customers in a crowded market. Let’s be honest: It’s a crowded market out there. At every corner of the World Wide Web, consumers are flooded with ads. Competitors are basically […]

Patience, You Must Have. Get Better with Time, Your PPC Campaign Will.

No Jedi ever became a master overnight. Likewise, not every pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign is going to show its full potential right out of the gate. Yes, there will be immediate successes resulting from your quick rise to the top of the search page. (I’ll cover these in just a sec.) However, it could take […]
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