We are a group of hard-core problem solving, custom code hacking, status-quo bucking, out-of-the-box thinking, genius digital gangsters breaking out the creative solutions with a vengeance and the passion of a thousand suns (covered in Tabasco sauce)…

We establish

your digital presence

We attract

new visitors to your website

We engage

those visitors with compelling content

We convert

them into customers

We nurture

them through your sales funnel

The story of Solutions 8 is an epic tale of entrepreneurial passion coupled with moderate bouts of self-aware insanity.

In a world where technological problems plague the SMB landscape, a group of digital marketers have taken it upon themselves to assume the roles of online solution providers. Our goal: ridding small to medium sized business owners of their online marketing woes once and for all. Who in their right mind would want to embark on such a quest? No one. No one in their right mind that is. But the Solutions 8 team is, as a whole, certifiably insane. Here’s how it all started:

  • 2006

    Our story begins almost ten years ago when Kasim (our company’s illustrious Founder) staged a home-based coup. During this coup he commandeered his Father’s formal dining room as a corporate office meant to house, what would soon become, the greatest digital marketing firm on planet earth. The operation began to grow at a neck-break pace and Kasim was forced to take an office or face filicide.


  • 2007

    Our first office was a small pod of sublet cubicles in the corporate office of an early Client (who also happened to be the largest privately owned bank in the United States). The COO of the bank, Greg Smith, would ultimately become Kasim’s business mentor and currently serves on our board.


  • 2008

    We started our “Giving Back” initiative through which we began providing non-profit organizations with services that were free or heavily discounted. To date Solutions 8 and its owners have given over $100,000 in services and direct donations. We have also funded over 650 micro-loans on Kiva.org. Click here to see our Kiva portfolio.Click here to see our Kiva portfolio


  • 2009

    After outgrowing the cubicle life, we found our home at Visions Offices in North Scottsdale. Chris Isherwood (the managing partner at Vision) was instrumental in our success as a company, allowing us the flexibility to grow organically and expand into additional office space as we added staff to our growing team. Vision Offices is now a Client of Solutions 8.


  • 2010

    By the end of the year Solutions 8 had seen truly record breaking growth. We continued to grow our staff as well as our Client list and doubled in size within the span of a single year!


  • 2011

    We turned 5!! We were also extremely proud to be involved in the creation, launch and marketing of the Child Help Info Center as well as an Academy Award contending Documentary.


  • 2012

    We continued our explosive growth by adding on even more staff and, once again, outgrowing our office.


  • 2013

    2013 would see Solutions 8 awarded multiple contracts from major international organizations including Brighton and Bic Graphics.


  • 2014

    We hit a huge milestone: 1,000 Clients served! We are digital marketing machines…
    What’s that Malcolm Gladwell? 10,000 hours? Oh, that’s cute.


  • 2015

    We decided that walls can’t hold us! While we kept our office in Scottsdale as a “home base” 2015 saw our first out of state hires making Solutions 8 a virtual organization. We now have staff in Oregon, Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona and Karachi, Pakistan.

  • 2016

    This was possibly our biggest year yet! We took our phenomenal relationship with Digital Marketer to the next step by becoming a Digital Marketer Certified Agency.


  • Today

    You became a Solutions 8 Client!!
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